September 17, 2010

new beginning

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog!

  I'm Babi, an artist, fashion lover, and a crafter by heart. I love stories and blogs, reading them uplifts my spirit and relaxes my mind. It inspires me to do best in what i do. That is the reason why i created my own blog where i can share my ideas, my projects, my thoughts, my experiences, and my heart's desires. Come and join me in this new journey as when my mind speaks that's when babi speaks...

Looking back...
 My mom, an extraordinary patternmaker and seamstress, runs a fashion boutique back in the Philippines. With unwavering patience and due diligence, she taught me how to sew and make clothing patterns. Little by little, I was led into this path of making ladies clothes and that's how it all started. Then fashion school came along. Kudos to my mom and to my instructors! I became the in-house designer of Lady Nor, a fashion boutique in my hometown.

with my supportive bf back then now my hubby