January 31, 2011

it's been a while...

Hi lovely readers!
         I've been quite busy working on some projects the past couple of days.
 Sorry for the lack of updates! now, I'm back!...  :-)

These pictures were taken last weekend doing my favorite activities,
taking pictures and strolling out with hubby. 

at my favorite place. i know its your favorite too... :-)

where else!?, shopping mall! :-)

Then headed to a bar with these cool peeps...

solved the mathematical equation ;
night out + hubby + cool friends = FUN! :-)

Shorter hemlines visually cut your lower half in half which creates an illusion to look tall. This is the reason why i love wearing short length bottoms and dresses... just to look taller than my height. :-)

Happy monday! 

Tags : plaid top - bohbie palacol : gray jacket - papaya : stripes cardigan - aeropostale :  shorts - forever21 : tights - charlotte russe : pink boots-doc martens : black knee boots - aerosoles : accessories - forever21 : purse - jessica simpson


Squeeze the Pug said...

I like your stripe cardigan. It looks very chic

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I have to admit, I hate shopping malls. But then again I've never gone without my kids and shopping with them is a handful. Maybe I should follow your lead and go with just me and hubby

A Daily Mishmash said...

Thanks for the comment. Also I'm OBSESSED with those pink boots in the first picture! Are they doc martens??

Chelsea Lane said...

welcome back! your pink bag is sooo cute! :)


inge luciana said...

the stripe cardi looks good on your. I love doc mart boots, perfect!

Out Of Runway said...

Your sooooo sweet
you look good with your pink doc :)
check my blog and tell me what you think about it will help me to progress :)

cherie said...

your pink bag caught my eye, it's such a delicious shade of pink!

Parade of Dresses

margarita ts said...

lovely outfit!
thank you for the comment!

BABI said...

@ squeeze the pug - thanks doctor! :-)

@melissa - yeah, you should try malling just with your hubby, it will be fun. :-)

@daily mishmash - you're welcome! yes, it's doc martens! :-)

@chelsea lane - thank you dear! :-)

@inge luciana - thanks! :-)

@out of runway - sure, i'll definitely check your blog. thanks! :-)

@parade of dresses - thanks cherie! :-)

The Stylish Nomad said...

Fun photos! Is this in ORlando? I'm from there!


Smolder Me said...

love your DM's =) too bad we dont have a store here in Phils for DM;s anymore..=( been wanting to buy one the past couple of months..like your blog! follow you now!
xox cheryl

Daniela said...

Heeeello! Thanks for your comment , it was so kind of you . Hope you will follow me <3

La Parisienne said...

Beautiful pic!!

follow each other??



audrey marie said...

love the plaid top!! thanks for visiting my blog :)

lisa said...

love your striped cardi.. i'm trying to find one just like it!!

please stop by and visit my blog.. i'm hosting a birdcage bangle giveaway :)


Natalie Suarez said...

cute! i love it :)


Kathleen Carla. said...

aw thanks lovely for following my blog :). i'm now following yours as well :). and you're so chic, i love all the colors! and the boots go great with your outfit :).

<3, Kathleen.

Beverley said...

lovely! you looks so pretty in all these pictures. i am slightly obsessed with those pink doc martens, are they comfortable?... they look it!

great blog :)

Mimi said...

welcome back! you're looking cute and casual! i'm loving your pink bag. :)

<3, Mimi

diaswari predani said...

I can't wait to go to the shopping mallll!!!!!
thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :)
check my recent post if you mind :)

Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris said...

Hi! Beautiful post, your pictures are beacutiful and your life seems so funny! Kisses from Barcelona, Spain!

michelle_ said...

i love that pink bag and the boots :)
nice to have stumbled upon ur blog..


I love the Docs on the first picture!

pls visit and follow my blog on

The Little Dust Princess said...

You're such a cutie. I like the striped cardigan!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Lia Waroka Putri said...

love ur pink bag! so stunning =D

Angelica Ng said...

Wow, your first outfit. What an edgy bag and shoes! And yes, shorter hemlines certainly have that illusion.


the Citizen Rosebud said...

And you've got great legs!

Looks like you and the Mr. had a great time. I hope he likes that rad pink purse as much as we do. It rocks!

Mireille said...

Thanks for your comment!
Nice dress, wht don't we follow each other?

xoxo Mireille