June 20, 2011


I'm standing on the promise of a brand new day...

Sunlight, sunlight...
Bring me the LOVE I need to guide me,

Shine it deep inside of me.

Sunlight, oh sunlight

Show me the way... to a brighter day.
by Kevyn Lettau

Just sharing this beautiful song as the warm weather continues!
Have a beautiful week! :-)

P.S.I haven't updated this blog for a week.
I was too pre-occupied with so many things. Sorry!
I know,
I haven't answered your messages, yet,  
I'm truly grateful reading every word.
Thank you much everyone! Till next time...

  take care,
          Babi :-)


MM said...

Nice outfit, sweetie! Love it!

Happy Monday!! xoxoxo

Cucu said...

Lovely outfit!!!


WobiSobi said...

Looking Fabulous Babi!!

Jogels said...

Darling you look fab! Thanks for dropping by my little blog because now I have another blog to follow! =) great Photos loving your style!!

<3 Jogels htt://chuchubells.blogspot.com

CandyGirlNM said...

Hey! Thanks, the pic it's not mine, but I loved it too ^^ Love your blog, I'm already following ;) I Looove your skirt <3


NinaSaysHello said...

i love that song! :) nice outfit by the way! :)

LOVE JOICE said...

Love this look! and the sandal really cool! xx Joice

Diary of Mia said...

Lovely! Love those colors!


t said...

Cute outfit!


mestizay said...

I love the colors! you look so chic yet casual.:)

following you now.


Eva said...

cute outfit! Like your skirt xoxo


Carina G. said...

nice simple outfit. :) i love the purple too! :)

Martina Golightly said...

I really like looks like this one:)

rasta222 said...


Pop Champagne said...

the outfit is nice, looks so comfy too! and

Lauren&Pierre said...

love the color of your top!
i followed you- follow me back at http://laurenandpierre.blogspot.com so we can stay in touch
xx L

Lyosha said...

love this shirt! very nice!

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[▲∆▲Yarn Hobbit▲∆▲] said...

cute outfit!!

purse 'n boots said...

looking gorgeous!! wishing the sun would come visit us over here in california :) and thanks soooooo much for your super sweeeeet comments! much love

ashley <3


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Wow, such a pretty look Babi! I really love purple top! Plus your legs look so toned! xoxoxoo

Lini Trinh said...

the color is so sweet <3

Meera said...

I love this look! It is so gorgeous for summer.


J'Anns Boutique said...

Love your skirt!

A Girl's Next Best Friend

yiqin; said...

nice skirt :D

SC said...


This is ssssoooo awkard: I'm watching a movie and suddenly my unconsciousness just seemed to register some yelling ("what baby? what baby?!!"). It was when I took a closer look at your header that I realized: OOOOO.K!! Talking about coincidence!

Hihi, NOW, concerning your outfit: you look so pretty honey :) Lovely sandals


Miss Kwong said...

great look! the purple blue is so eye-catching x

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neusparkle said...

aww this looks so fun! i love your shoes in the last pic too!


M & Em said...

I love the off-the-shoulder top. It's such a pretty color too! And your sandals are lovely. You've got such a gorgeous smile.