July 17, 2011

In love with Pink.

 I think this bus goes well with my outfit.
What do you think? :-)
Do you love color pink too as much as I do?

Happy Sunday! :-)


Lini Trinh said...

awww the Top is so cute. Those pink bus i have never seen before, so cute <3

Haze said...

Yes I love pink as much as you :))
It's so youthful and feminine what's not to love. Your shirt is very cute!


moonstruck-expose said...

I want your Dr Martens! I love them in that color! So amazing! You look so darling! love this post!

moonstruck exposé

x. juliana

CutestPrincess said...

thanks for the comment on my post...

like you... im sooo inlove with pink! can't you see my blog backgound? hehe... i think we have some6thing in common! one more thing -- are you a filipina?

followed you! pls. followed mine if you have time --

Ellie said...

How cute! Love the pink bus!

Paige Elyse said...

I love pink, also. :) Adorable post. Love those glasses!


Maddie said...

Thanks for the comment! This pink bus is fun and the weather looks so nice.

Courtney Michele said...

Great outfit! Pink is such a fun color to wear!

xox Courtney Michele
Breakfast in Wonderland

Morgan Jordan said...

Hey hey! Thanks for the comment. LOVE THE COMBAT BOOTS!



Squeeze the Pug said...

Hi Babi, how are you? Hope you are keeping ell. I absolutely adore your pink boots. They are so barbie and your cartoon tee adds more fun. The whole outfit totally goes along with the pink bus!

Chelsea Lane said...

this bus DEFINITELY goes perfectly with those super cute boots! :)


Rahel Stephanie said...

haha, aww, what a cute outfit! : )


Fashion-Resort! said...

a pink sightseeing tour. how cool is that!?
Great blog,dear! Wish you a nice day<3

Soňa said...

Very funky outfit i like it also the pictures and the bus!!!!

Diya said...

LOVE your shirt and the gigantic pink bus!!


Myrted said...

Nice pink things! Very lovely. Your boots are so adorable!!! Kisses.