January 31, 2011

it's been a while...

Hi lovely readers!
         I've been quite busy working on some projects the past couple of days.
 Sorry for the lack of updates! now, I'm back!...  :-)

These pictures were taken last weekend doing my favorite activities,
taking pictures and strolling out with hubby. 

at my favorite place. i know its your favorite too... :-)

where else!?, shopping mall! :-)

Then headed to a bar with these cool peeps...

solved the mathematical equation ;
night out + hubby + cool friends = FUN! :-)

Shorter hemlines visually cut your lower half in half which creates an illusion to look tall. This is the reason why i love wearing short length bottoms and dresses... just to look taller than my height. :-)

Happy monday! 

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January 23, 2011

somewhere down the road

These pictures were taken last friday.

yes, it was Barry Manilow's concert in Tampa. I never 
thought the arena is this huge.

I was the one who ordered the tickets and we were seated

this far. hahaha!  :-)
Thanks to wide screen, at least, we were able to see Barry M close enough. 

a view from the top 

Barry M 

together with symphony orchestra.

The concert was great. Though for some reason, he didn't sing
 one of my favorites,

for sure i will be hearing it again sometime,
somewhere down the road.

Have a great week! :-)

January 19, 2011

military inspired

           First of all, i would like to thank everyone who sent me messages, emails, and comments. You truly make my day. I really appreciate your effort in taking time looking and reading my posts and be in my world at the moment. :-)
       I enjoy the interaction with you, and your lovely suggestions inspires me to improve more of my blog. Being new to this thing, 
i may say, I'm learning a lot. 
           Big thanks to all the readers! more to come! :-)

for me, military look is a classic style that will never ever fade. just mix and match it with whatever accessories you have and voila! :-)

Top: made by me :-)
Necklace : made by me :-)

Keep on smiling and have a great day! :-)

January 15, 2011

who said working out can't be fun?

Being happy is easy if we are grateful. It is the key to a happy life.
Don't let negative thoughts come in. 
Just look at what you have and soon you will have plenty of reasons to be happy. :-)


January 13, 2011

my workroom

Welcome to my workroom!

 This is where i spend most of my day making projects.

I want you to meet my reliable workers. drum roll please... LOL :-)

They are very hardworking and they won't let me down. :-)

some of my projects...

a glimpse of my workroom


January 12, 2011

Lunch date

My hubby and I went to Tc Choy's for lunch. It was voted one of the best dimsum in Tampa.
The food was really good.
We will definitely come back again... promise! :-)

                                    hubby as my personal photographer. can you see him? LOL :-)

and then went to the mall afterwards.


Would you wear this? :-)

Ellie Saab Spring 2011 

I would love to wear everything in this collection. They are simple, sexy, chic and fabulous. 
Would you wear this? :-)