April 20, 2011

Thai food

Last weekend hubby and me went to this place for lunch.

We had wonton soup, basically, it is made of ground pork and shrimp in wonton wrapper with onion leeks on a chicken broth.

Followed by shrimp pad thai,made of shrimp, veggies, and thick noodles on a sweet tangy sauce.

and amazing sizzling chicken. The ingredients are crispy chicken and veggies on a sweet, spicy, peanut sauce.

Wanna know what's my verdict? Well,
this was my look after eating these foods. LOL!
I was just goofing around with hubby! :-)
 Obviously, these foods were absolutely delicious, superb, and divine! 
If you're gonna be in Tampa, FL, check this out!
 I wish I could get free GC's for this review. hahaha!
After lunch, hubby handed me a fortune cookie and look what I've got...
I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!
Have a fabulous day everyone! :-)

April 19, 2011


Living in Florida means you see people wearing tank tops, shorts, and flip flops all year round.

This state is not known for fashionably conscious city as compared to New York, Paris, and Milan 
but still you will see some stylish and 
trendy people walking around. 
Here are some of my paparazzi shots.

Have a fabulous tuesday! :-)

April 15, 2011


Hello there!

I've got nothing much to say...
outfit tags: tunic dress-mango : shorts and shades-f21 : flats-zara : purse-BCBG

Thank GOD it's FRIDAY! Yey! :-)

Happy weekened everyone! :-) 

April 14, 2011


Watching a fashion show feels like heaven to me. 
The lights come up, loud music pumps out, and you're taken to a journey that the designer has created for you.

It's not just about the cut of a dress, embellishments and drapes of the fabric but it's about the inspirations on how the designers will take you to their minds through their collection.
From ideas to sketches,paper to patterns, 
and from patterns to a completed look 
walking down the runway.

For me, fashion is an expression of 

 And seeing someone's work come to life truly inspires me to do better in my craft. 
For now, I will just continue working and wishing that someday my ideas will be on the runway again. 
in my perfect time...
 Have a great day everyone!:-)

April 11, 2011


Just thought of sharing some of my jewelry projects.
Freshwater pearls

Mother of pearl

Shell plates 

Glass Beads



seed beads

Swarovski crystals

There is no simpler way to compliment an outfit other than adding a bling. It usually adds flare to your wardrobe. You can wear as much or as little as you want depending on your style and comfort.  A great pair of earrings,necklace, or bracelet can make anyone look fabulous even if you are just wearing a plain t-shirt.
 I love accessories especially bracelets. I guess it's my signature. I could go out without a make up, without a necklace, without a pair of earrings but not without a bracelet. This is the reason why i started making my own pieces.

Do you love accessories too? 
Happy monday everyone!                  
                                         Babi :-)

April 06, 2011

Photo Shoot

As a reader of my blog, you're probably aware that aside from making clothes and fancy jewelries, photography is my other passion.

Last Saturday, me and a handful of creative photographers went out for a photo shoot in a park.

Feels like we were in a production, shooting for a film.

ready, set your gears, one... two.. three...shoot!!!

I love taking pictures. For me,every moment captured speaks for itself, whatever emotions depicted, happy... sad...  
there's always a story behind it.

We had a blast! I can't wait to do this again with the group and learn more about photography.
Ooops... of course, I couldn't end this post without my outfit shot, for fashion blog purpose... :-)

Hope you had a great weekend too! Take care...
                        Babi :-)