August 31, 2011

beach wedding dress

I was asked by a client If I could design and make a wedding dress for her beach wedding during my vacation in the Philippines. 
I already have all the resources in front of me courtesy of Lady Nor, 
it's my mom's boutique, so how can I say no to that. :-)
Here are the photos of my project: 
An all white ensemble beach wedding dress
I used crepe silk fabric for the bustier top and metallic organza 
fabric for the pleated bottom skirt.
Accentuated it with rhinestones, pearls, sequins,and beads.
I made the skirt see-through at the bottom and cross 
strings at the back perfect for the theme.
A bunch of colored flowers and illusion tulle fabric 
were used for the head dress.
I'm happy how it turned out.
What do you think?


August 29, 2011

cre8tivemedia productions

These photos were taken last friday 

A day before I left Philippines. 
How time flies!
My 3 month-long holiday has ended but it was the grandest vacation I had so far.
Visited Vancouver, Canada, Cebu, Bohol, and Camsur, Philippines.
Now, I'm officially back here in Florida sporting my new haircut.
I know, I'm brave enough to take the plunge into cutting my hair this short. :-)
Anyhow, let's take a peek inside the studio...
Located in Laguna, Philippines.
just above Lady Nor's boutique.
where creativity begins...

Cre8tivemedia has been my media partner 
eversince I started doing some fashion events in Philippines. 
I miss those days...
This partnership has opened my eyes to the beauty of people photography.
The picture speaks for itself.
It tells you a story...
credits to Moi. He inspires me to take photos and make videos.
In case you don't know him, let me tell you a brief description about him.
He's the most creative person I know. 
He's a great photographer and a keen film maker.
He's the man behind cre8tivemedia productions.
He is my big brother.
Thank you for helping me out kuya!
Can't wait to shoot with you and learn from you again.
I always look up to you!

Have a great week everyone! :-)

August 24, 2011

I wish summer could last forever...

Here are few photos of my favorite bonding moments with hubby in Bohol.

taking a jump shot! 

They say this creature is sweet and lovely, do you believe in that?
I'm scared... :-)

another must-see places

Loboc River

we couldn't end this trip without some adventures.



It was so much fun!


August 20, 2011

scattered beads

It's been a month...
yes, I'm still here!  

wearing my own creation,

scattered beads.

Have a happy weekend! :-)