November 21, 2011

splash of pink

PINK is not just a combination of red and white color. 
 It also represents youthfulness and fun. For some, Pink seems to be the color of universal LOVE. When I found these two beauties, I realized, Love at first sight is easy to understand...  

Happy Monday! :-)


November 16, 2011


Bits and pieces of last night.
I fell in love with this top the moment
 I saw it at the store.
Found this in my closet...
I made this bib necklace a couple of months ago using burgundy capiz shells 
and copper metal chains.
Accessories of any kind is definitely a must have item to spice up a wardrobe. It can be jewelries, bags, sunglasses, scarves, or anything that you wear to add an extra oomph and oohlalas into your outfit every single day. It's up to you if you want to splurge on a particular designer item. If you think you're paying for high quality materials and not just the brand then 
i think it's worth the buy.
Always remember that expensive pieces 
are not necessary. 
We can still look fabulous in every 
way possible without 
breaking our piggy banks! :-)

Have a great week! :-)


November 11, 2011

fashionably fabulous

This pink blazer and gorgeous nude skirt 
had me swooning in delight.
What do you think?

Treat your feet like a work of art 
with this striking shoes.
In fashion, 
I have learned the art of experimenting with details.
Sometimes you need to try things on
and see some things in different perspective.
All you have to do is to mix and match 

but not to the point of changing your identity,
for you to fit with other people. 

Dress for yourself. Wear what you want.

Do whatever makes you happy.

Don't worry about what anyone else thinks.

You've got to feel great about who you are 

on what you are wearing 

inside and out.

The way you feel about yourself is most important.

Confidence is the key.

Have a fashionably fabulous day everyone! 

Babi :-)

November 05, 2011


It's Saturday, 
and I couldn't have been happier!
Walking in the streets of downtown Orlando
with this very comfy wedges.
Wedge heels are usually triangular in shape 
that extends from the back of the foot 
to the front.Sturdier and
comfortable as compared to 
typical high heels. 
This kind of shoes creates an illusion of longer legs and thinner ankles. 
It also gives a stylish twist when paired 
with a simple, casual, and relax outfit.

Have a good weekend everyone! :-)